18ft tall, Eldritch goddess made of lovely tentacles - she/her


micro library to make fedi posts


pure HTML (with optional CSS additions) pleroma FE using pure sh as it's backend


wip lwjgl3 port for freebsd


A full feldged bot service in ONLY sh and curl


replacement lib for booru34sh in only pure sh & curl


auth lib for fedi in 99% pure sh


sqrt() in pure sh


Uses psh-fractional and psh-prng to generate a random number in a range


an attempt at pure POSIX sh random number generation


A bot to post NSFW tentacles + dicks!


booru/r34 client in posix sh


sh in sh but better (mirror) - codeberg.org/sockless-foundation/shsh/


Diagram/Write up of the iPod Shuffle (3rd & 4th gen) Database


A roguelike to tell the story of Mia


rbr was a pure POSIX sh library to create layouts for miarl

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